2018 ANOHC Member Dues Agreement


The deadline to pay 2018 dues is Friday, April 27. Any dues not paid by then will result in the member coalition being removed from the ANOHC listserv. Reinstatement on the listserv can be done as soon as dues are paid.

Dues must be paid in order to attend the annual meeting and annual member dinner. Each ANOHC member may send two representatives to the ANOHC Annual Meeting and Dinner. An additional fee will be charged for any additional representatives to attend either event. (ANOHC meeting registration is on the following page.)

Member dues enable ANOHC to support our communications infrastructure (listserv, website, and member calls/webinars), cover business expenses (accounting, insurance), as well as support other activities, such as the ability to grow the organization by engaging in more national advocacy and applying for grants. 

The annual dues structure is based on ANOHC members’ operating budgets.


Make your check payable to "ANOHC" and mail to 800 SW Jackson, Suite 1120 Topeka, KS 66612.